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How to Increase the Safety Around Your Home Pool

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14:01 PM

Having a swimming pool at home is one of the coolest things. You can dive into the pool anytime you like. Every weekend can be a picnic, provided it is also heated. You no longer have to wait for someone to host a pool party because, with a pool at home, you can hop into the pool at any time.
With so many perks of having a pool at home also come major responsibilities, like ensuring safety around your home pool. This is particularly more important if you’ve got children and pets at home. You can’t possibly keep an eye on them to ensure they don’t go near the pool unsupervised. And you’ll be surprised to know how smart kids and your pets can be. If they want to go to the pool, they will find a way!

Considering how smart kids and pets can be these days, you’ve got to ensure there are adequate pool safety measures in place so you can rest assured that the pool area is a safe place to be even when you aren’t present to supervise. 


Install Barriers and Fencing

The first thing that you must do if you’ve got a swimming pool at home is, install proper barriers like a fence or gate. Make sure that the height of the barrier is high enough that your kids and pets can’t cross easily. Keep the fence gate locked so that nobody can enter the pool area in your absence.

If you’ve got a cat or dog at home, the fence that you install should be sturdy and strong so that your pets can’t bend or cut the fence with their teeth. 


Invest in Pool Safety Covers

If installing a fence isn’t an option, you should invest in high-quality, reliable pool safety covers. These are vinyl or mesh sheets that cover the surface of the pool entirely. Even if someone slips, they won’t fall into the water in your swimming pool. Pool safety covers are quite flexible and sturdy, and they won’t break if someone falls over it. They’re called pool safety covers for a reason. 


Install an Alarm System

This is a great one many people don’t think about! An additional level of security won’t hurt anyone. If your kids are too smart and you’re afraid that they might end up opening the pool fence gate when you aren’t around, install an alarm system that would go off when the pool fence gate is opened during the hours you aren’t available to supervise your kids. 


Inspect Your Pool Deck

One of the most common reasons for pool-related accidents is someone slipping off the pool deck into the pool because the pool deck is broken or uneven. To improve the safety around your home pool, inspect the pool deck carefully to see if there are any cracks or uneven surfaces that may cause someone to trip over and hurt themselves. If you spot even a small crack or deck settling, get it fixed right away!

The more safety measures you’ve got in place around your home pool, the more peace of mind you can enjoy at all times. A swimming pool at home is a source of pure joy, and you should take the necessary steps to keep it that way!