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Our simple ‘step by step’ guide below is designed to make the whole process easy from start to finish.



Register your pool or spa with your local council

As of the 1st of November 2020, it’s now a compulsory requirement for all pool and spa owners to register their details with their local council. You must ensure you have a compliant safety barrier in place that sufficiently meets current government regulations and Australian industry standards.

If you own a fixed or portable pool and spa with the capacity to hold water at 300 mm and above, you will fall into this category.

A professional assessment is done to determine the ‘safety barrier standard’ required for your specific pool area. Once this is ascertained, the council will send you a report to share with your inspector.

Council registration fees are approximately $80 per application but please check with your local council for more accurate pricing.


Arrange our pool barrier inspector to visit your home with Inspector Pool Safe - REQUEST AN APPOINTMENT

Our goal is to get you compliant in the most streamlined way possible. We hope to only inspect your pool area once, charging ‘low fees’ (starting from as low as $250.00) – and avoiding the need for multiple visits.

Before we arrive at your home, we highly recommend downloading the self-assessment checklist found on the Victorian Building Authority (VBA) website. This guide will make achieving compliance easier and give you a better idea of what’s required from you.

Local council's provide the registration details, which then enables our inspectors to complete the Safety Barrier Inspection and ensure your existing façade meets Australian Industry Standards. This usually takes more than an hour to complete – depending on the level of defects found during the visit. Should your current safety barrier not be compliant, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive report outlining the defects that require attention. You will have up to 8 weeks to rectify any issues before the next inspection date.

Once approved by Inspector Pool Safe, you will be issued with a Certificate of Barrier Compliance.


Lodge your compliance certificate with council upon completion of your detailed onsite assessment

Once finalised, it’s the owner’s responsibility to present the Certificate of Barrier Compliance to your local council as proof of completion.


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General Pool Fencing Barrier Requirements:

  • If your swimming pool, spa or inflatable pool has a water depth of more than 30 cm, you are now required by law to install a compliant safety fencing barrier to prevent young children from drowning;
  • This rule applies to all inground pools, above ground pools, wading pools, spas and portable pools;
  • The construction & installation of all swimming pools must meet the requirements of the Building Regulations Act 2018;
  • To avoid council penalties & non-compliance, it’s the owners responsibility to seek a registered pool inspector who can help you understand your obligations & assist in achieving compliance;
  • Any issues found must be fixed within 2 months post inspection.