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At Inspector Pool Safe, we’ll help you achieve compliance with minimal stress and worry.

Inspection options

All pools will require an initial inspection, those needing repairs to meet the required standards will require a follow up inspection to allow a Compliance Certificate to be issued. 


Initial Barrier Inspection - $250

On-site barrier inspection that includes a full report with photos provided within 24 hours. If no repairs or changes are required, a Certificate of Barrier Compliance will be issued.

If repairs are needed a full repair report and list of preferred vendors will be issued.

Select INITIAL INSPECTION in the form below if this is your first inspection.


Follow up Inspection - $145

A follow up on-site barrier inspection of the previously required repairs. A Certificate of Barrier Compliance will be issued if repairs are compliant.  

Select FOLLOW UP Inspection in the form below if you HAVE completed the required repairs.